About Us

United Protestant Church is a small congregation based in a residential area near the far western edge of Duluth, MN. We come from the Congregational side of the UCC, and in 2007, we celebrated our 90th Anniversary. We currently have about 70 members and average about 30 - 50 attending Sunday service.

Our worship services are generally quite traditional. Winter services start at 10:30am on Sundays. This past summer we tried an experiment and conducted weekly worship services on Wednesday evenings at 6:30, and we will be continuing this new tradition beginning Memorial Day.

Morgan Park was developed as a model community for the workers at its mill in western Duluth. Our church was build in 1921 and is one of two built by the U.S. Steel Corporation in the Morgan Park neighborhood.

Our building is a large, Gothic-style building. The main floor consists of the sanctuary, an office, a small library room, and a store room. In the basement are the restrooms, a large fellowship hall, a kitchen, a second office, another store room and a machine room. The building is situated one city block from the entrance to the Morgan Park neighborhood.